Welcome to the Night Shift. Keep yourself and the establishment safe from wandering souls in the dark. Flash the lights if you see someone approach to scare them away. Close the doors if that doesn't work. The wiring for the office is of very poor standards, so you can only have one device active at a time. A game based off of Scott Cawthon's 'Five Nights at Freddy's' with the intent of capturing the late 80's early 90's feel.


WASD to control the joystick
N to start the game [Green]
(A or D) + J to flash a light (hold) [Yellow]
(A or D) + K to close a door (hold) [Orange]
Alt+Enter to go full-screen


  • Assets and Design - Beverage (D7)
  • Programming - Myspr (Mystery Programmer)
  • Music
    • Les Toreador's 8bit - by Georges Bizet
    • The Nightshift - by Symmetry
  • Five Nights at Freddy's - by Scott Cawthon

Thanks for playing!


NightShift-rc3-linux 27 MB
NightShift-rc3-mac.zip 21 MB
NightShift-rc3-windows.exe 16 MB
NightShift-rc3-android.apk 10 MB


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its noice

theres a bug where you cannot interact with the left side

there was a bug with me not being able to close doors though I was full power.

The real FNAF 6.